Jay's Philosophy

My goal as a trainer is to teach the client to use weight training, cardio, and nutrition to improve the quality of their life.

The approach needs to be customized for each person, always keeping in mind the goal of the client. The tools must be applied in a progressive manner. As the client changes physically, there will also be a mental transformation. This is necessary for a lifestyle change to occur.

A client must train with intensity, focus, and quality, if their goal is to maximize genetic potential.

Trainer / Owner

The Team

At Jay's we have developed a team approach to building the best training programs and nutrition plans for our clients. All trainers are involved in the process to ensure they understand the needs of our clients. Jay approves all training programs and nutrition plans.

Fitness & Sports

At Jay's we have developed a general fitness program that can be customized to maximize athletic performance when training for sports.

Youth Training & Education

At Jay's we have developed fun and performance enhancing programs for kids. We believe that teaching kids to exercise and embrace good eating habits at a young age is key to improving the health of our population.

Anti-Aging & Rehabilitation

At Jay's we train clients of all ages, health, and fitness levels. We have incorporated anti-aging strategies with our training, and assist in the rehab of clients after physical therapy.

Body Building & Figure Training

Contest preparation is a unique blend of training, nutritional manipulation, cardio and supplementation.

We at Jay's take pride in the fact that we have worked with many state, national, and some pro body builders, and women fitness, and figure, contestants.

With our unique approach, we have had great success in helping our clients to reach their ultimate goals.

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