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I started working with my trainer in May of 2006. I had neck problems which were not responding to physical therapy. The doctor suggested that if I strengthened my neck and shoulders, it might help. I am 65 years old and had off-handedly exercised for a few years. I was quite overweight and had problems with cholesterol. I also have arthritis and osteoporosis.

My trainer, Shira, created a plan of exercise to strengthen my shoulders, my arms and upper torso and to help support my neck. She also helped me change my eating habits. I worked out two times a week for an hour each time.  My attitude changed and I began thinking it was possible to do the exercises she suggested, rather than my initial “not me.”

In the sixteen months I have lost the problem with my neck and developed a stronger, more fit body. I have more energy to do even everyday activities. My cholesterol dropped 30 points. My HDL level increased and my LDL level dropped considerably. I have lost 25 pounds and enjoy being the new, healthier , stronger me!


The first time I trained with J, over 8-years ago, I had a sense that this was going to be different from anything I had ever tried. Like all great coaches, he seems to know how to take you just beyond what you think you can do.
He has taught me how to love training and love being sore. He has added at least 10 years to my life, and I no longer wake up with aches and pains. I am in the best shape of my life.

Harvey Goldberg
Age 55
Coach & Facilitator

I began my weight training a year ago. I was a prime candidate for a heart attack: fifty eight years old, totally out of shape, an at least 70 lbs overweight. I have never been athletic; my hobbies are sedentary and I have a desk job. So, perhaps you can imagine my reluctance to join a gym where everyone was pumping iron.

I was very self conscious, and, for me, the fact that everyone dressed modestly helped. As soon as I began my routine, I was made to feel comfortable; everyone, personal trainers, the healthier trainees as well as the competitive body builders, are very friendly and complementary.

My personal trainer, Muskee, is very professional and knowledgeable. He provides me with a varied routine that keeps me from getting bored and that assures maximum gains. He is very encouraging and really helps me to see my improvements weekly, and to maintain a positive perspective. I am encouraged throughout my routine to do my best and at the same time, Muskee is careful to listen to my aches and pains and to make sure I use good form and do not injure myself. I have lost 50 lbs of fat and have gained a lot of muscle.

I'm in better shape today than I ever was in high school. Importantly, I think that my success this past year directly relates to the fact that throughout my training, Muskee keeps a positive attitude and build up my self-esteem. I never leave the gym feeling discouraged.

Joshua Gervais


Jay's Next Level is exclusive - one on one only. I love it! If you're reading this, put yourself first. I did! I am willing to do my training one day at a time. Rob Wells, my trainer, is waiting for me at my scheduled time three days per week. That is over half the motivation I need. Our key phrase is “I will”.

I lost body fat, 28 lbs, inches from my waist and hips. I also gained lean muscle mass. “I will” continue my success here, along with raising two children. Working two jobs, and managing my asthma. I love my gym, my trainer, and my new lifestyle change. My husband loves my success and body. Now my husband is training twice a week with Rob. Kudos Rob!

Thanks a Million,
Jewel Brown

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