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Older Adult Training

Older Adults Program

Personal Trainer at work with one of our older adult clients on her rehabilitation program.

Whatever your age or activity level, it is never too late to start a fitness routine. A complete fitness routine should include activities that focus on endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. These four elements, known as fitness building blocks, provide both physical and emotional benefits. They can help you maintain independence and mobility even as you age.

Endurance: These exercises increase your breathing and heart rate. They strengthen your heart and build stamina.

Strength: These exercises build your muscles and give you strength to do things on you own.

Flexibility: These exercises keep your body limber and involve stretching, and increase your range of motion.

Balance: These exercises help you maintain posture and prevent falls.

At J's, we see the needs for training at any age, and we welcome people of all ages and fitness levels to join our program.



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